Pastor - Michael Fakorede
General Overseer

Michael Fakorede

Prophet Micheal Fakorede is the General overseer, the Servant of God in the house. He is not just a man of God but the Prophet of our time. A man with great anointing that has paid a lot of prices in marathon upon marathon and he is still paying more.  Prophet Micheal Fakorede is a man that has waited on the Lord 40days without food 2006 and repeated the same 40days without food 2008 the second time. Countless 21 days, 14days, 7days without food and water. He has fasted to a level that blood was coming out of his mouth.   He is a man of the mountain.  He loves going to the mountain to wait upon the Lord, to hear and take instructions from God, He is a man that loves his children in the Lord and will go extra miles to see to their spiritual needs. To intercede for them and make sure they are fulfilled in life. For the past 14 years, twice in a year, he has being sowing seeds to the life of old prophets of God in cash, beverages, food items etc, every December and July of every year. He has also been a blessing to widows, the poor and many others around him. He is a wonderful and a radical seed sower. He is a man that has paid enormous prices and believes in sacrifices/seed sowing to the kingdom of God.    

Phone 08148229041, 07053444223.
Blood Group
DOB 29-08-1900
Baptized 05-08-1970
Marriage Date
Social Status
Nationality Nigerian
Location Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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